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Higher Education & Research

Supporting Academic and Research Institutions with Reliable, High-Performance Technology Solutions

Higher Education & Research Solutions

University researchers are under pressure to deliver faster results, often with limited budgets or even while awaiting grant funding. With research programs fueled by data-intensive computing methods, budget optimized, high-performance systems are the pathway to future discoveries. These critical systems must also execute multiple workloads with unpredictable volumes and computationally intensive tasks without missing a beat.

Optimized Silicon Mechanics Approach

From individual workstations to large-scale HPC systems, both principal investigators and researchers have many choices to make when evaluating compute and storage solutions. These systems must meet your unique criteria:

  • Can a new solution integrate seamlessly into my existing infrastructure?
  • Can I find a cost-effective solution that works within the limits of my grant-driven budget?
  • Is the technology customizable to meet my department’s variable performance needs?
  • Can my current infrastructure be adapted to utilize the latest advancements so I can optimize my existing resources?
  • Will new hardware meet requirements for scalability, efficiency, and reliability?
  • If something goes wrong, can I easily connect with support?

Proven Solutions

As a leading systems integrator, Silicon Mechanics empowers organizations to transform the world through open technology. We consider ourselves an extension of your team, and our Experts are available to provide you:

  • Purpose-built, custom solutions designed for demanding environments
  • Flexible technology architecture options that enable you to grow and scale
  • A deep-dive assessment of your technical needs
  • Access to a wide variety of the latest open computing technologies and platforms
  • Support Engineers dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

With expertise in high-performance computing and storage architectures, and experience deploying a variety of cloud computing options, Silicon Mechanics supports educational institutions with cost-effective, reliable, and secure computing and storage solutions.

Research & Case Studies

You can read more about the Silicon Mechanics approach and how it pertains to education and research solutions.

Van Andel Institute

The Van Andel Institute (VAI), based in Grand Rapids, Mich., is a nonprofit biomedical research and science education organization that is dedicated to determining the epigenetic, genetic, molecular and cellular origins of cancer, Parkinson’s, and other diseases and translating those findings into effective therapies.

University of California, Merced

Founded in 2005, University of California, Merced (UC Merced) is the newest campus in the University of California system with a focus on educating and training a highly diverse and underserved student population. With more than 65% of undergraduate students identified as first-generation college students, UC Merced continues to build on its growing reputation of excellence and innovation.

NYU Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics

The high-performance computer at NYU Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (CHIBI) was destroyed by flooding during Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, the laboratory’s director was able to unrack the data storage hard drives and rescue them from the advancing flood waters, but CHIBI needed to replace its computing capability quickly.

Expert Included

Our engineers are not only experts in traditional HPC and AI technologies, we also routinely build complex rack-scale solutions with today's newest innovations so that we can design and build the best solution for your unique needs.

Talk to an engineer and see how we can help solve your computing challenges today.