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High-Capacity, High-Performance, Reliable Storage


Manage Oceans of Data on Industry-Standard Hardware

Using commodity hardware, Ceph liberates storage clusters from traditional scalability and performance limitations, dynamically replicating and rebalancing data within the cluster while delivering high performance and virtually infinite scalability. With block, object and file storage combined on a single platform, Ceph provides a flexible foundation for all your data storage needs.

Benefits of Ceph with Silicon Mechanics

Ceph offers a great storage architecture which delivers easily scalable object, block and file-based storage under a unified system.

Lower Costs

An open-source solution means no licensing fees, and software-defined technology means no more expensive, proprietary hardware.

Thin Provisioning

Thin provisioning ensures that storage space is not occupied until data is written, enabling faster cloning of virtual machines.

Automatic Data Protection

Ceph automatically replicates data to at least three nodes. Data is stored in erasure-coded pools, a method that breaks data into small fragments and stores it in a distributed manner for greater data protection.

High-Performance Object Storage

From video delivery networks and cloud DVR to network functions virtualization, Ceph delivers high-performance object storage for the most demanding workloads.

Flexible Storage

Unify storage management with one platform for block, object and file storage.

Industry-Standard Hardware

Build a storage cluster using commodity servers and disks to lower the cost of storing data.

Unlimited Scalability

Manage as many nodes as you need, as one consistent storage system.

Ceph Servers

Expert Included

Our engineers are not only experts in traditional HPC and AI technologies, we also routinely build complex rack-scale solutions with today's newest innovations so that we can design and build the best solution for your unique needs.

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