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An Innovative Expert Included Approach

Silicon Mechanics Solutions

Regardless of whether you are updating the present foundation inside your business or introducing another application, you should think about multiple factors when picking the correct framework. From guaranteeing you are meeting the engineer's prerequisites to picking dependable brands and parts for a long-term solution, these choices will decide the general quality, execution, and result of your selection.


Industry-leading server virtualization software by Silicon Mechanics.

Storage Solutions

High-capacity, high-performance, reliable storage by Silicon Mechanics.

HPC Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions for high-performance computing by Silicon Mechanics.

Cloud Solutions

Expertise to launch a customized cloud solution with expert guaranteed support.

GPU Accelerated Computing

Accelerate deep learning, analytics, and engineering applications with NVIDIA® GPUs.

Multi-Level Security Solutions

Trusted software integrated on secure hardware implemented by Silicon Mechanics.


Expert Included

Our experts can survey the complex technology landscape and develop a solution that fits your unique needs. Read more about our Expert Included approach, or contact us now to get started.