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Multi-Level Security Solutions

Trusted Software Integrated on Secure Hardware

Multi-Level Security for Security Challenges

For government agencies, information security is more vital than ever. Dependence on IT systems and networked operations has increased, as has the necessity to collaborate across widely distributed resources. This demand for secure, high-availability data systems has led to advancements in traditional information security methods such as Multi-Level Security (MLS).

MLS solutions ensure that high standards can be maintained, allowing data to flow, while also allowing it to flow between security classifications as needed to ease communication and collaboration. MLS solutions achieve this by integrating a trusted operating system on a secure hardware stack for increased security or “hardening” of the total solution.

Silicon Mechanics is ready to help you benefit from a hardened hardware infrastructure. Our SELinux-certified engineers and expertise with HPC clusters and advanced compute systems can help you streamline the architecture, build, and deployment of an MLS-ready system, and ensure that your organization is prepared for secure and efficient operation.

MLS Benefits

MLS solutions allow data with different security classifications to coexist within one unified system, while still meeting strict federal security requirements. By giving security administrators a high degree of flexibility to configure read and write permissions, the right type of data access can be securely provided to the right users, without the need to create independent data silos for each security level.

An MLS solution can also help to ensure data integrity in environments where collaboration and frequent sharing of information are necessary. By managing access to common storage resources by different users, administrators can protect data from human error or malicious modification, but still provide current information for critical decision-making processes. A well-implemented MLS solution can also streamline the security inspection process, ensuring accurate audit trails and maximum transparency.

  • Simplify command and control of data integrity and reliability
  • Eliminate redundant copies of data or resource silos
  • Facilitate secure data sharing and efficient collaboration
  • Consolidate security auditing for greater accountability

Security Enhanced Linux

SELinux is a security-focused operating system first developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). SELinux environments grant security administrators full control over application read and write access to system resources. The strict, kernel-level security SELinux provides has made it a trusted operating system for high-security information solutions throughout government and private industry.

The Silicon Mechanics Security Model

Silicon Mechanics is an expert in open-standards technology solutions with deep experience architecting, building, and deploying HPC and advanced compute systems for federal agencies. We bring our expertise in validated and verified IT solutions to each MLS-ready deployment, providing our customers a path to MLS accreditation and optimal value for their investment.

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Expert Included

Our engineers are not only experts in traditional HPC and AI technologies, we also routinely build complex rack-scale solutions with today's newest innovations so that we can design and build the best solution for your unique needs.

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