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Cluster Reference Architectures

Customizable Solutions for Your Most Challenging Workloads

HPC/AI Cluster Reference Architectures

Clients need to get to results as fast as possible. That’s why Silicon Mechanics created a series of reference architectures for specific types of workloads.

Each one is the result of hours of engineering, testing, and optimization. We save clients time and focus for customizing the design to meet your specific workload and organizational needs–not redoing the basic elements with each new engagement.

Each reflects all our past work designing clusters that meet the unique demands high-performance workloads place on hardware. And they are a great starting place for your customized cluster.

Learn more about our cluster reference architectures:

Atlas AI Cluster

The Atlas AI Cluster combines the most powerful modern technologies, including AMD EPYC ™ and NVIDIA, into a balanced full-stack design, optimized for AI, machine learning, and deep learning workloads – giving you a fast start, strong performance, and the ability to scale.

Metis HPC Storage Cluster

The high-performance Metis HPC Storage Cluster provides dense storage, robust data protection, and the ability to support HPC workloads for multiple concurrent users – all in a cost-effective, BeeGFS based package that can scale as needed.

Miranda CDI Cluster

The Miranda CDI Cluster gives you unprecedented flexibility via software-based management and redistribution of resources for fast, easy cluster management with either Liqid or Giga.io – extending the life of your investment, dramatically improving ROI and giving you the bare metal computing so many organizations require.

Triton Big Data Cluster

The Triton Big Data Cluster removes bottlenecks via a shared pool of NVMe over fabric (NVMeOF) with the WekaFS, enabling jobs to run up to 10x faster. And S3-compliant storage allows you to control costs.

Oberon Data Storage Cluster

The Oberon Decentralized Data Storage Cluster is the ideal backbone for your blockchain development projects, media and content delivery workloads, and secure general-purpose business computing.

Cygnus CFD Cluster

Improve ROI for Computational Fluid Dynamics workloads by replacing public cloud computing with a turnkey HPC cluster.

Janus Multi-Format Cluster

Tap into enterprise-class software-defined storage with a high-performance Ceph POC cluster for object, file, or block storage needs that you can grow to exascale levels.

Luna HPC Cluster

Eliminate design/procurement issues, faster time-to-results, easy scalability and management, and great ROI with a well-balanced, proven hardware and software.


Expert Included

Our engineers are not only experts in traditional HPC and AI technologies, we also routinely build complex rack-scale solutions with today's newest innovations so that we can design and build the best solution for your unique needs.

Talk to an engineer and see how we can help solve your computing challenges today.