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CFD Cluster

Cygnus CFD Cluster

Maximize the ROI of your CFD Workloads

A Reliable, Cost-Effective Approach to CFD and Engineering Simulation Workloads

HPC workloads like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are proving unsuitable for public cloud computing. They pay-per-usage model used in the cloud leads to high operational costs that only get worse the more dedicated to the cloud you become. For CFD and similar workloads, it can be far more effective to build a balanced, efficient on-premises cluster to run your jobs.

That is why Silicon Mechanics has created the Cygnus CFD Cluster. The Cygnus CFD Cluster is a balanced, purpose-designed for cost-effective simulations and engineering workloads. It leverages open-source software and commodity components to ensure cost-effectiveness and avoid vendor lock-in. The Cygnus CFD cluster is designed to scale up and down as needed, starting with as little as one head node paired with one compute node, all the way to 80-plus node clusters.

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Ideal Use Cases

  • CFD Workloads (i.e. STAR-CCM+, Ansys Fluent)
  • Proof of Concepts

Relevant Industries

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Education & Research

Relevant Industries

Simplified Cluster Design for CFD

  • Cost-effective, open-source software
  • Commodity Components
  • Highly Scalable (As few as 1 head and 1 compute node, up to 80+ nodes)
  • Eliminates the high operational costs of cloud-based CFD.

Inside the Triton Big Data Cluster


AMD EPYC Processors


NVIDIA Networking Ethernet and Infiniband


425TB of Capacity per Node

Software-defined storage using Weka.io file system (WekaFS), optimized for large datasets

High-speed, low-latency NVIDIA adapters

Are you looking for a faster and more cost-efficient approach to CFD?

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