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High-Capacity, High-Performance, Reliable Storage


Nexenta Scale-Out Storage Solutions
from Silicon Mechanics

Nexenta is a global leader in Open-Source driven Software Defined Storage (SDS), uniquely integrating software-only Open Source collaboration with one of the industry’s largest and most vibrant Open Source communities.

Thousands of customers all around the world rely on NexentaStor, Nexenta’s flagship Open Source-driven SDS platform for primary storage, backup and archive, big data, disaster recovery, and virtualization. That’s because NexentaStor enables its users to evolve their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility and agility, simplify management and dramatically reduce costs, without compromising on availability, reliability, or functionality.

At Silicon Mechanics, our expert included approach to customer satisfaction makes us your top choice for Nexenta and NexentaStor.

NexentaStor Reference Architecture

This configuration represents the optimal hardware framework for NexentaStor. Using these architectural best practices for NexentaStor, your project will have the best chance for success.

More about Nexenta

Nexenta is the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) with 6,000+ customers, 400+ partners, 42 patents, and more than 1,500 petabytes of storage under management. Nexenta uniquely integrates deep software-only “Open Source” collaboration with one of the largest and most vibrant Open Source communities (46,000 members) and a comprehensive vision around a commodity hardware-centric “Software-Defined Storage” innovation enabling ANY app, cloud platform and protocol.

Nexenta is 100% Software-based; and 100% hardware-, protocol-, cloud platform-, and app-agnostic providing organizations with Total Freedom protecting them against punitive “vendor-lock-in,” “vendor-bait-n-switch,” and Software-Defined Everything-centric Cloud Computing – from data centers to end users; from the infrastructure to apps.

Nexenta enables everyday apps from rich media-driven Social Living to Mobility; from the Internet of Things to Big Data; from OpenStack and CloudStack to Do-It-Yourself Cloud deployments – for all types of Clouds – Private, Public, and Hybrid. Founded around an "Open Source” platform and industry-disrupting vision, Nexenta delivers its award- and patent-winning software-only unified storage management solutions along with enterprise-scale 24x7 - around the globe - All Love - service and support with a global partner network, including Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Docker, HPE, Lenovo, Quanta, SanDisk, Seagate, Supermicro, VMware, Western Digital, Wipro and many others. Nexenta: 100% Software.

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