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High-Performance Parallel Clustered File System Is The Bee’s Knees


BeeGFS Turnkey Storage Appliances

BeeGFS is the world’s leading parallel clustered file system. Easy to install, manage and use, BeeGFS transparently spreads data across multiple servers and their back-end storage. The result: continuous high performance with no bottlenecks, plus the ability to scale the performance and capacity of your cluster – from small clusters all the way up to enterprise-class deployments with thousands of nodes.

Benefits of BeeGFS with Silicon Mechanics

With turnkey appliances and certified BeeGFS customer support, Aberdeen lets you take full advantage of everything BeeGFS can do.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

By distributing file contents and metadata across multiple storage and metadata servers, BeeGFS makes it possible to avoid architectural bottlenecks.

Achieve HPC Performance

Simultaneously serving InfiniBand and Ethernet network connections, file system nodes can automatically switch to a redundant connection path in the event either one fails.

Simplify Management

Complex open-source parallel file systems are history. BeeGFS lets you add more clients and servers whenever you want, using graphical tools and monitoring.

Concurrent Access? No Problem

BeeGFS lets you avoid the usual performance problems and was built to deliver optimal performance when the I/O load is high.

No Special System. No Partition

No special environment or a dedicated file system partition is necessary to run BeeGFS. You can even run clients and servers on the same machine to boost performance for small clusters or networks.

Expert Included

Our experts can survey the complex technology landscape and develop a solution that fits your unique needs. Read more about our Expert Included approach, or contact us now to get started.