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Key Considerations in AI and HPC Infrastructure: Scalability

May 4, 2022

Key Considerations in AI and HPC Infrastructure: Scalability

Keep the following considerations in mind to ensure successful, scalable AI and HP infrastructure implementations.

Design flexibility

Whether you’re building a small, proof-of-concept project or aiming for something bigger from the start, you want to protect your investment and be sure that the system will adapt and grow as your project grows. Design flexibility is key here, with the ability to add nodes or racks to the hardware as needed.


If you use a customized configuration, your initial investment goes further – you don’t need to spend extra money on overhead built into similar, more well-known, all-in-one systems that may not be as easy to expand upon incrementally. Intelligent Scalability

It’s important to scale intelligently. It does you no good to have a ton of computing boxes with no ability to feed them the data required for training the model. This approach allows you to pay for what you need and not set yourself up for a very expensive solution that gets bottlenecked on either the compute, storage, or networking. This requires intelligent scalability.

Future Growth

These are some of the reasons why the flexible Silicon Mechanics Atlas AI Cluster configuration is designed to support future growth of your HPC and AI infrastructure. With each storage node and compute node that you add, the performance of the cluster scales linearly, and can be added seamlessly down the road. As your problem set grows, or if compute and storage requirements change, update, or evolve, the system is designed to scale together seamlessly.

To learn more, read this white paper about the Silicon Mechanics Atlas AI Cluster and learn how clusters can be designed for scale.

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