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A well implemented cloud computing solution can bring your business or organization to a new level of agility and efficiency, but getting started on the process of cloud implementation presents immediate and complex obstacles. How can you assess which cloud solution best suits your current and future business needs? Which solution fits within your budget? What changes will it require of your existing system and applications?

Silicon Mechanics will assess the unique environment in your business or organization, design a purpose-built cloud solution tailored to your current workloads, and provide a roadmap to support future growth.

When it’s time to execute, we’ll be there through each stage of implementation – architecture, build, deployment and support – to keep you safe from pitfalls, saving you time and money.
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Private Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Private clouds solutions are fully customized to your enterprise or organization and installed on premises, putting them under your complete control. When you have high requirements for on-demand self-provisioning, information security, and a staff of IT personnel ready for the operation and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure, private cloud solutions provide both power and freedom.

Private Cloud Benefits
  • Secure - Private clouds sit on your premises and provide optimal security for critical data
  • Flexible - Make changes to the system whenever and however your organization requires
  • High-performance - Gives internal users direct access to a high-performance compute system

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Hybrid cloud solutions leverage hardware and software installed on premises at your organization with off-site public cloud technologies. By allowing workloads to easily move between these systems, your business can reap the efficiencies of cloud computing while saving on system deployment costs and increasing security for high-value resources.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits
  • Cost-efficient – Access significant economies of scale without exposing vital data to vulnerability
  • Scalable – Access to off-site resources allows for infinite growth
  • Availability and resiliency – Applications that run on remote servers are safe from local issues or disaster
  • Regulation compliant – Track the placement and handling of data and applications to ensure compliance with your locale or industry
  • Resilient – Configure your hybrid system for high availability or business continuity to keep your business safe from mishap or disaster
Expert included.

Silicon Mechanics is an expert in open-standards technology solutions with decades of experience deploying IT systems for the world’s most innovative organizations. We bring this rich experience to each cloud deployment, enabling customers to take advantage of the latest technical architectures while delivering the optimal value for their investment.
Why OpenStack

The OpenStack platform possesses a lively open-source ecosystem of supporting software and plugins, made possible by the collaborative effort of thousands of contributing organizations and developers. Though this openness and configurability make it a popular option for cloud implementation, this can also make OpenStack a daunting proposition for companies unfamiliar with its complexity.

Unlocking the power of OpenStack requires a ground-up approach to managing the underlying system, a holistic understanding of the OpenStack ecosystem, and the creativity to apply this knowledge to the objectives, management philosophy, and culture of a business.

Silicon Mechanics can help you navigate the sprawling OpenStack ecosystem to find the right mix of OpenStack plugins and tools for your business, and help reduce the many complexities of launching a customized OpenStack hybrid cloud solution.
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Which Stack is Right For You?

OpenStack Reference Architecture

OpenStack deployments vary, offering compute, storage and networking resources. The below framework offers a flexible and tested architecture, fully optimized for scalability, density and efficiency.
Compute Node