Deep Learning & AI
Accelerated Hardware for AI and Deep Learning Training and Inference

The Power of Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is solving problems that recently seemed well out of reach. Using deep learning, the fastest growing segment of AI, computers are now able to learn and recognize patterns from data that were considered too complex for expert written software. By taking advantage of machine learning algorithms, large data sets, and the computational power of GPU acceleration, machines are able to learn at a speed, accuracy, and scale that is transforming every industry, including automative, healthcare, retail, and financial services.

Silicon Mechanics can help you combine the right hardware with pre-installed deep learning software, such as the NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS), to configure an interactive development platform to advance your Deep Learning initiatives. From data centers, desktops, and the world's fastest supercomputers, we can help you architect custom Deep Learning solutions that provide superior performance and value, backed by our team of Experts.

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