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Storage Solutions

The information explosion has been a topic of concern for IT professionals for years, and no matter what the industry you call home, new challenges related to storing and managing your ever-growing volumes of data will be a top priority.

The number of storage options and configurations are far and wide, but there are a core set of common issues caused by aging solutions that every business faces. Can your current storage scale to meet your future capacity and performance needs? Does it offer adequate data protection and security protocols? Does it support your data storage management strategy?

If you’ve decided it’s time to evaluate a new storage solution you’ll be faced with a different set of concerns. How will a new system integrate with your existing infrastructure? Will you be able to maintain your current SLA’s while migrating to a new system? What price and performance options are available for your budget?
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Is now the time to engage with an experienced open-technology system integrator who has the expertise to support you in your evaluation of storage solutions?

Whether you are evaluating a new file storage solution to support your Scale-Up or Scale-Out NAS/SAN infrastructure - we can help.

If you're looking to grow your IT infrastructure with a Scale-Out High-Performance storage solution or a Parallel File System - we can help.

Maybe you need to take control of your growing unstructured data, and you’re wondering if an object-oriented storage solution is right for you - we can help.

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