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Our Story

Silicon Mechanics is a leading provider of servers, storage and high-performance computing technologies to the world’s most innovative organizations. We have the expertise to service customers from small to big, simple to complex, and we are the partner of choice for modular, open-standards based computing solutions. Our “Expert included.” approach reflects our passion for providing complete customer satisfaction and confidence.

Value Beyond Bare Metal

We understand the challenges that pressure organizations to reevaluate their legacy hardware and find smarter solutions. As open software and hardware experts, we work directly with our customers to thoroughly understand technical and business requirements, architecting the best server, storage and high-performance computing solutions for your needs.

Click to Expand “Silicon Mechanics is unique in that it really lives and breathes by its consultation skills and ability to not only provide its customers with solutions targeted at their needs, but also expert advice on that system going forward”

  • We understand the technology in your environment: We specialize in modular open-standards based technology solutions for IT organizations. With decades of experience supporting data center deployments, we understand the components that best fit our customers requirements for budget, power, performance and availability.
  • We partner with the best in the industry: We have invested years developing a network of trusted technology partners. These strategic relationships provide valuable insights to architect the best systems for our customers now, keeping close tabs on innovations for the future.
  • We enable innovation: Understanding the need to scale your business and adapt to rapidly evolving technology, we are ready to support your deployments of the newest technologies in HPC, Storage, Virtualization or Private/Hybrid Cloud.

Quality Assurance

Every Silicon Mechanics system is built to precise customer requirements, then undergoes extensive testing to guarantee it’s shipped ready for deployment. Our strict build standards give our customers confidence that their systems are sent defect-free, 100% operational and optimized to support rapid deployment.

Click to Expand “I have put SM products up against competitors and they always outperform everybody else for our problem sets. I suspect it is due to a thoughtful selection on the motherboard manufacturer, i.e. good support chips around the CPU and RAM, but it's just a guess. In short, the systems are rock-solid.”

  • Our build process is dictated by the highest standards: Silicon Mechanics technicians adhere to “Zero defect” standards when building and hand-inspecting every order, prior to being shipped.
  • We conduct Quality Assurance, not Quality Control: Each system we build is subjected to rigorous testing by a proprietary suite of automation tools including convenience and update utilities, and an extensive, 48-hour stress test to validate system functionality.
  • Our proprietary tools enable fast deployment: Extensive technical documentation created by our technicians, allow our customers to easily replicate hardware settings, firmware updates and software versioning, ensuring standardization when installing new systems, leading to efficient system deployment.

Full-Service Delivery

With a wide range of professional services and resources available from Silicon Mechanics, our customers are assured a smooth deployment. Let our System Engineers handle the system installation and deployment, freeing your resources to be focused on critical business functions.

Click to Expand “The service has been great. It is rare to get customer service that is fast and friendly that takes care of all the needs of the customer. Silicon Mechanics has impressed me overall with the products, service, and professionalism. Great company that stands behind their product. Wonderful experiencewith the technical support staff. Thank you!”

  • We are deployment experts: From equipment installation and cable management, to application installs, our staff can provide remote or on-site rack integration and deployment services.
  • We provide post-installation readiness: Our System Engineers can lead comprehensive training sessions to ensure your System Administrators have a complete understanding of the system.
  • We offer comprehensive decommissioning services: We can help you derive maximum market value from your existing decommissioned assets, and manage asset disposition and data destruction services.

Swift Resolution

As technology experts, Silicon Mechanics Support Engineers are driven to efficiently resolve customer issues while minimizing system downtime, through timely diagnostics and competent service and support. Our Support Engineers are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction over the life of the system.

Click to Expand “I have enjoyed dealing with this company the support and service is excellent. The staff has been helpful and professional. Your service is exceptional.”

  • We understand the value of warranties: We offer a comprehensive, 3-year “Expert included.“ standard warranty with every system purchased, with options available for extended or custom warranties. Rest assured your Silicon Mechanics systems are covered.
  • Our top priority is providing rapid support: We understand the urgency that surrounds system issues, and work to offer the fastest possible resolution. Our SLA driven support and ticketing system ensures requests managed and trackable to keep our customers informed.
  • We’re prepared for your call: Our Support Engineers are more than just a help desk; we provide expert level diagnostics and help in critical situations. With access every detail of each system, including hardware specifications and QA data, if a problem arises we can provide accurate, knowledgeable resolution for issues.