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Titania Edge CDI Cloud

CDI/Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure on the Edge

Titania Edge CDI Cluster

Enable True HPC/AI on the Edge

With Unprecedented Flexibility and Bare Metal Performance

As computing advances and more data can be gathered at the edge, more organizations are looking to accelerated computing to extract greater value and even functionality from at the edge.

But organizations with strict workload performance requirements often find themselves relying on costly public cloud environments, rather than AI and HPC on the edge. Historically, restrictively small footprints, environmental concerns (vibration, heat, dust, moisture, etc.), power envelope limitations, and other issues have limited AI and HPC on the edge.

However, the very remoteness of some of these edge locations – on oil rigs, naval ships, research centers, military bases, and more – means there is often limited or nonexistent network access, making cloud computing problematic.

Silicon Mechanics addresses both sets of problems with the Titania CDI Edge Cluster. It’s purpose-built to support cloud and accelerated workloads at the edge without the need for virtualization. That means you can now have bare metal performance of HPC, AI, and even ML at the edge.

But it's also incredibly flexible. Composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) allows you to reconfigure systems as needs dictate. Because resources (such as GPU, FPGAs, NVMe storage, etc.) are connected via PCIe-connected resources, you can scale each element independently.

And, because this is the edge, the Titania CDI Edge Cluster is ready to deploy into diverse operating environments, with ruggedized and MIL-SPEC rack design options.

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Ideal Use Cases

  • Edge (space, power, environmental)
  • Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning/Inference
  • Weather modeling
  • Image processing
  • Processing sensor data
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Key Features

  • High-density compute servers
  • Extreme capacity JBODs and JBOXs
  • Seamlessly scalable and ready to deploy into diverse operating environments
  • Independently scale PCIe-connected resources (GPU, FPGAs, NVMe storage, etc.)
  • Available with rugged and MIL-SPEC rack designs

Relevant Industries

Oil & Gas

Example Titania Edge CDI Cloud Deployment

  • Networking layer: PCIe Network, Ethernet Network, IB network
  • Dense compute servers (e.g., 3U 8-node)
  • JBOFs (NVMe storage)

A Choice of CDI Software

Liqid CDI
Liqid composable infrastructure enables users to build a living datacenter architecture that adapts to meet their business needs and scales as required. Leveraging cutting-edge NVMe-over-flash networking technology, along with Liqid Command Center resource orchestration software, Liqid users can disassociate their resources from their physical server configuration, creating pooled resources that can be composed in new configurations on the fly. This flexibility is paired with powerful improvements in performance, optimization, and efficiency.

GigaIO is an enterprise-class, open standard composable infrastructure solution. GigaIO FabreX breaks the constraints of old static architectures, opening new configuration possibilities with composable disaggregated infrastructure, to maximize utilization of all the elements within your racks.

What is CDI?

Composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) leverages PCIe-based low latency interconnects to enable dynamically provisioned systems. This lets system administrators pool resources like CPUs, accelerators (GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs), memory, or storage without physical reconfiguration. Similarly, resources can be expanded, reduced, or refreshed on the fly.

Dynamically Provision Systems

By disassociating components from their physical location in a server within a cluster, unique hardware platforms can be spun up through software alone. This means users can optimally leverage available resources instead of relying on whatever node architecture is available.

Scale Resources as Needed

The Titania CDI Edge Cluster lets IT managers and system administrators change the way they think of resource procurement. By disaggregating hardware, Titania CDI Edge Clusters can grow in whatever way your team needs, without unnecessary extra costs.

Cloud-like Flexibility with Local Performance

Since CDI technology does not virtualize systems, there is no performance loss on the Titania CDI Edge Cluster when compared to a similarly equipped traditional HPC or AI cluster. Meanwhile, the software-managed, dynamically composable nodes maintain the ‘on-demand’ nature of the cloud many users have grown accustomed to.

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