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SwiftStack Object Storage Solutions from Silicon Mechanics

SwiftStack innovations power hybrid cloud storage for enterprises. Their simple, flexible, and infinitely scalable object storage system is built on an Open Source core and is fully enterprise-ready, providing an alternative to complex, expensive, on-premises hardware-based storage solutions.

The SwiftStack Object Storage System software runs on industry-standard x86 hardware, making it a cost-effective storage solution that’s perfect for archiving active data, serving web content, building private clouds, sharing documents and storing backups.

At Silicon Mechanics, our expert included approach to customer satisfaction makes us your top choice for SwiftStack Object Storage.

Is SwiftStack’s scalable object storage the right solution for your IT infrastructure? Our Storage Solutions Experts can help you make the right decision for your growing organization.

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SwiftStack Hardware Reference Architecture
This configuration represents the optimal SwiftStack hardware framework. Using these architectural best practices for SwiftStack, your project will have the best chance for success.

About SwiftStack
SwiftStack innovations power object storage for Enterprises, offering freedom of choice for genuine simplicity and TCO at scale. SwiftStack has perfected the delivery of private cloud object storage within and across data centers for content delivery, active archive, and data-centric workflows. The SwiftStack solution, built on OpenStack Swift at its core, is managed by a unique out-of-band controller and includes scale-out nodes with rolling upgrades as well as a filesystem gateway interface for traditional applications. No object storage solution is as flexible, simple, or open as SwiftStack, which has driven adoption by HP, PayPal and AutoDesk among many F500 companies.

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