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Systems Designed for the Demanding Needs of the Life Sciences Environment

HPC and Storage Solutions for Life Sciences Industries

Experiencing new breakthroughs in structural biology research and questioning how to manage the explosion of data? Can your current infrastructure keep up with your demanding computing requirements? Looking for alternatives to manage and scale large volumes of unstructured research data?

With expertise in High-Performance Computing and storage architectures, and experience deploying a variety of cloud computing options, Silicon Mechanics enables discoveries in the world of life sciences through integrated HPC and storage solutions.

Specializing in custom computational or storage systems, our Experts partner with you to develop a technology infrastructure solution that enables your team to decrease discovery timelines and accelerate research findings. We can empower you to efficiently manage massive amounts of data and scale when necessary. Let us help you design a computing environment that scales to meet the needs of your current and future research efforts.

Connect with us to learn how we can reduce your IT complexity, and help your critical research be recognized as a ground-breaking innovation.
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Silicon Mechanics has the Right Solution to Support Your Research Efforts
  • Turn-Key
  • Customizable

  • File Storage and Analytics
  • High Performance Storage
  • Disruptive Storage
  • Private and Hybrid
  • HPC Cloud Bursting

Delivering Innovative Solutions to Advance Discoveries in the World of Life Sciences
Case Study:
Van Andel Institute

Silicon Mechanics helped the Van Andel Institute design and implement a hybrid cloud solution to support their efforts in determining the epigenetic, genetic, molecular and cellular origins of cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases and translating those findings into effective therapies.
Case Study:
Fred Hutchinson

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center internal IT organization turned to Silicon Mechanics to implement a new storage system to house genomic sequencing data and support 2,000-plus researchers.

Silicon Mechanics, in collaboration with other leading computing vendors, have contributed components to build an industry-driven experimental laboratory. The lab’s primary purpose is to develop reference architectures for life sciences and healthcare IT organizations, making it easier for them to deploy proven workable infrastructures in a predictable and cost-effective manner.

Expert included.

Silicon Mechanics is determined to help you find the best HPC solution for your organization and your goals, which means we're willing to think outside the box. Our Experts can survey the complex technology landscape and develop a solution that fits your unique needs. Read more about our Expert included approach, or contact us now to get started.

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