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Are you intimidated by the breadth and depth of available choices and required decisions as you shop servers, storage and HPC solutions? How do prices between systems compare? Are there options for customization? Are there long-term CAPEX or OPEX implications that you're overlooking? Will system power consumption be an issue? Is there a support package for this system? What if you need professional services after deployment; are options available throughout the product lifecycle?

To help you answer these questions, Silicon Mechanics offers a variety of tools to enhance your experience with our website and help you shop like an Expert. We want you to feel confident that you’ve selected the best hardware for your needs, and our helpful tools can assist you:
  • Silicon Mechanics Configurator: An intuitive system designer that helps you configure a custom system in minimal time
  • Silicon Mechanics Power View: A real-time look into electrical and thermal loads to support power consumption and facilities planning
  • Silicon Mechanics Rackmount View: A snapshot of the total rackmount units in your configuration so you can accurately allocate Rackspace
  • Silicon Mechanics System Quote: Create multiple quotes for a side-by-side comparison of several configurations to help you select the best system for your needs
When you do have questions, our Experts are available to help you create a custom configured solution that meets your current and future needs, to help you reach your IT goals.

Silicon Mechanics Power View
Silicon Mechanics Power View is a power calculator that displays critical system details on wattage, amperage and more, in real-time as you customize your system. Available on every product configuration page, Power View offers you insights as you plan our system integration and deployment in your data center.

Tasked with setting expectations for your data center project? The Silicon Mechanics Power View can help you:
  • Better understand the power and cooling requirements of your systems
  • Determine if your current or future data center infrastructure is capable of handling your systems
  • Evaluate your system needs in alignment with your facilities constraint

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