Silicon Mechanics Proprietary Tools

Our Custom Tools Support Efficient and Accurate Deployment

We Conduct Quality Assurance, Not Quality Control
Each system Silicon Mechanics builds is subjected to rigorous testing by a proprietary suite of automation tools including convenience and update utilities, and an extensive, 48-hour stress test to validate system functionality.

Your System Undergoes Thorough Automated Testing
Silicon Mechanics Client Inspector is a proprietary set of software tools used by our Build Experts to update, manage and stress test your hardware before we send it to you, providing consistency and quality, every time. Our tools also enable fast deployment: Extensive technical documentation created by our technicians allows our customers to easily replicate hardware settings, firmware updates and software versioning, ensuring standardization when installing new systems, and efficient system deployment.
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Silicon Mechanics Server Inspector is a software module that uses a system’s BMC/IPMI interface to manage BIOS and asset information, allowing us to manage BIOS upgrades and configurations uniformly across multi-environment deployments.

  • Included in all qualified Intel-based Supermicro servers
  • Manage and upgrade BIOS versions using command-line interface (CLI)
  • Create a custom BIOS settings template and export it to a human-readable file
  • Deploy BIOS templates (import) to multiple servers to enforce standardization
  •  Validated for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 (x86_64), update 0 or later; and Windows Server 2008 (x86_64) or later