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HPC Solutions

Silicon Mechanics is a trusted partner in HPC. We make it simple to configure, deploy and manage HPC solutions to support the most demanding computing workloads. Like all of our solutions, we apply our “Expert included.” approach by combining our deep knowledge of High-Performance Computing with our ability to design the perfect custom system to meet your unique requirements.

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Components Designed For Your Environment

HPC Clusters

Silicon Mechanics offers turn-key and custom HPC clusters designed and configured to your exact specifications. Searching for a knowledgeable partner to help you define your computing requirements and deliver a complete HPC cluster?

HPC Performance Storage

Challenged with how to manage the massive growth of digital data, and next generation workloads? What is the best scale-out storage strategy to meet your performance requirements?

HPC Workstations

Silicon Mechanics HPC workstations are specifically designed to support the most demanding parallel processing intensive applications. Could your research efforts, manufacturing or engineering process benefit from HPC in workstation form factor?

HPC Services

Silicon Mechanics offers Cloud Services including on-premise or hosted Cloud Computing. We also offer a full selection of support services including rack footprint estimates, stack integration and 24/7 support. Do you need a knowledgeable partner to help you maximize the value of your HPC purchase?
Does your organization need an HPC Solution, but you’re not sure where to start? Let our experts help you.

Our Trusted Partners in HPC Technology

We Take A Consultative Approach to Your HPC Configuration

Our HPC experts understand the challenges that customers face when evaluating the vast landscape of choices for their HPC solution needs.
As a sole-source provider, Silicon Mechanics is a leader in professional systems integration for Turn-Key, High-Performance Solutions. Our "Expert included." approach provides a personalized experience to custom-tailor a solution that meets our customers technical and business requirements.

With our minimum 3-year support guarantee and quality assurance standards, customers understand systems and solutions arrive fully integrated, tested and ready for rapid deployment.