Simple, Scalable and Flexible Object Storage
Today's world of anytime, anywhere, any data on any device is resulting in the explosive growth of all types of data. Enterprises need a software-defined storage solution that can provide massive scale across geographies while making integration with existing infrastructure simple.

- Joe Arnold, CEO, SwiftStack
Features and Functionality
  • Easily integrates with your existing systems
  • Automatically expiring objects
  • Automatic data distribution
  • Broad API support
  • Full control of your data
  • Extensive utilization and reporting
  • Centralized management
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Rolling upgrades

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For Application Developers
  • Data stored and served directly over HTTP
  • Access to storage in minutes, not days
  • One multi-tenant storage system for all your apps
  • Focus on app development, not infrastructure plumbing
  • Rich ecosystem of tools and libraries
For IT Operations Teams
  • Uses low-cost, industry-standard servers and drives
  • Manage more data and use cases with ease
  • Enable new applications quickly
  • Highly durable architecture
  • Massively and seamlessly scalable

Use Cases
  • Content Repository
  • Private Cloud
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Active Archiving
  • Big Data/ Hadoop Repository
  • Sync & Share

Silicon Mechanics and SwiftStack

SwiftStack and Silicon Mechanics have partnered to make the process of designing, deploying, and supporting your SwiftStack cluster as easy as possible. Whether you want a test environment, or a geographically distributed cluster with massive capacity, Silicon Mechanics and SwiftStack have designed and tuned hardware to meet your needs. With SwiftStack’s software-defined storage architecture and industry standard hardware from Silicon Mechanics, hardware can be reused at each stage as your cluster grows.

Looking for Enterprise-Grade, Software-Defined Storage?

About SwiftStack Object Storage

SwiftStack provides an enterprise-grade object storage system and an innovative storage controller that makes it simple for you to deploy, integrate and manage object storage clusters in your data centers. The SwiftStack Controller - available as a management service or on-premise software - orchestrates all aspects of the object storage clusters. The SwiftStack Filesystem Gateway is an on ramp to object storage for file based applications and seamlessly integrates with the SwiftStack Object Storage System.

About SwiftStack

SwiftStack innovations power object storage for Enterprises, offering freedom of choice for genuine simplicity and TCO at scale. SwiftStack has perfected the delivery of private cloud object storage within and across data centers for content delivery, active archive, and data-centric workflows. The SwiftStack solution, built on OpenStack Swift at its core, is managed by a unique out-of-band controller and includes scale-out nodes with rolling upgrades as well as a filesystem gateway interface for traditional applications. No object storage solution is as flexible, simple, or open as SwiftStack, which has driven adoption by HP Cloud, eBay, and PAC-12 among many F500 companies. For more information visit

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