High Performance Scale-Out Storage

Seagate ClusterStor

Features and Functionality
  • Fast, reliable and efficient
  • Tightly integrates Lustre into a performance and capacity optimized solution
  • ClusterStor Distributed Namespace provides scalable and reliable metadata
  • Production proven scalability of over 1TB/sec and 25,000 clients per single file
  • Removes complexities associated with traditional Lustre environments using off the shelf components from multiple vendors
  • Enables integrated storage solutions that provide the high productivity computing with the industry's highest levels of efficiency, reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Highest performance efficiency per rack with low operating expenses

Use Cases
  • Virtualization
  • HPC
  • Big Data
  • Analytics

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Seagate OneStor

Features and Functionality
  • Easily incorporated into SAN, NAS or DAS topologies
  • Customizable to meet specific end product requirements
  • Common platform management software
  • Capacity expansion with OneStor Modular Enclosures
  • Ultra dense design providing over 3PB in a single datacenter rack
  • Robust storage platform with all the resource flexibility of an enterprise server system
  • Enterprise level reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Option for integrated power protection
  • Adaptive cooling technology

Use Cases
  • Enterprise-level Deployments
  • Data Intensive Applications

Silicon Mechanics and Seagate

The “Expert included.” Silicon Mechanics approach, combined with Seagate’s extensive data storage knowledge, results in a variety of industry leading storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for high-performance parallel storage, or an intelligent solution for data intensive workloads, Seagate and Silicon Mechanics systems can support your business needs.

How Can Seagate’s Revolutionary Storage Solutions Change Your Business?

About ClusterStor

The ClusterStor™ family architecture is built on 25 years of Seagate (formerly Xyratex) enterprise-class storage design and Lustre®, an open source high performance parallel file system typically used for scale-out computing.Combining superior performance with ultra-efficient scalability, the ClusterStor family includes ClusterStor 9000, ClusterStor 6000, ClusterStor 1500, ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance and Hadoop Workflow Accelerator.

About OneStor

OneStor™ is a modular, standards-based architecture designed for OEMs, solution integrators and application developers to focus on their own value-added software and take advantage of industry-leading, enterprise-class enclosures as the underlying platform for their solutions. The OneStor Family offers a series of storage building blocks to deliver more powerful, intelligent storage solutions.

About Seagate

Seagate creates space for the human experience by innovating how data is stored, shared and used. Learn more about Seagate ClusterStor.