Silicon Mechanics Partners with SwiftStack to Build Turnkey Platforms for Object Storage

Partnership brings customers a massively scalable, globally distributed software-defined storage platform

Silicon Mechanics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing clusters, announces that it has partnered with SwiftStack, an industry leading software-defined storage company, to provide fully integrated object storage platforms to its customers. The partnership, solidified by a recent official partnering agreement, enhances Silicon Mechanics' already robust storage offerings, adding object storage to its Storform JBODs and storage servers, and zStax® StorCore NAS/SAN storage options.

The official partnering agreement is the next step in an already successful relationship, as the two companies have collaborated with and provided object storage platforms and support for shared customers such as Concur Software, Johns Hopkins University, and NTT, Inc. Silicon Mechanics has worked closely with SwiftStack to design and implement fully integrated object storage platforms for these and other customers, providing in-depth consultation to ensure the solution delivered meets business requirements for availability, scalability, and cost. Silicon Mechanics also offers premier customer support for SwiftStack deployments with available 24x7 on-site support and additional services, deploying resources to resolve issues through software and hardware diagnosis, troubleshooting, and any necessary repairs.

SwiftStack powers enterprises with a software-defined storage platform that delivers a massively scalable private cloud. The SwiftStack platform simplifies storage management, is highly scalable and offers seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and infrastructures across multi-geographic data centers. Users will also lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by deploying SwiftStack for their archiving, content delivery and disaster recovery requirements. At its core is the OpenStack Swift object storage engine, which also powers the world's largest public clouds. The partnership with Silicon Mechanics allows the two companies to deliver customers a complete object storage solution that allows businesses to take advantage of a truly software-defined architecture.

"Today's world of anytime, anywhere, any data on any device is resulting in the explosive growth of all types of data. Enterprises need a software-defined storage solution that can provide massive scale across geographies while making integration with existing infrastructure simple," said Joe Arnold, CEO of SwiftStack. "Our partnership with Silicon Mechanics gives customers the simplicity they have been missing in their legacy storage architectures, and the enterprise class reliability, availability and scalability they require."

These platforms will be based on a highly scalable and distributed reference architecture built on commodity hardware, and designed specifically to meet the requirements of each deployment. For more information, visit the Silicon Mechanics website.