Use Cases:

  • Unstructured data storage
    Files, documents, backups, media, logs, etc
  • Web or mobile application asset storage
    Highly concurrent, geographically distributed, multi-tenant architecture
  • Archive & backups
    Consolidate data islands


  • Performance and availability
    Automatic data replication, shared-nothing architecture
  • Non-disruptive maintenance and upgrades
    Easily scalable
  • Easy manageability
    Single dashboard for your entire deployment


  • Distributed object storage
    Durable architecture
  • Open source core
    No vendor lock-in
  • Software defined
    Flexible deployment and management options

More information:


About SwiftStack

SwiftStack is an object storage software company. Their software-defined storage product is based on the OpenStack Object Storage project, code-named Swift, which powers the world's largest storage clouds. SwiftStack is a core developer and contributor to the Swift project.

Silicon Mechanics and SwiftStack

SwiftStack and Silicon Mechanics have partnered to make the process of designing, deploying, and supporting your SwiftStack cluster as easy as possible.  Whether you want a test environment, or a geographically distributed cluster with massive capacity, Silicon Mechanics and SwiftStack have designed and tuned hardware to meet your needs.  With SwiftStack’s software-defined storage architecture and industry standard hardware from Silicon Mechanics, hardware can be reused at each stage as your cluster grows.

How SwiftStack Works

The SwiftStack Controller manages multiple object storage clusters and removes the heavy lifting from configuration, authentication, cluster management, and capacity management. Regular alerts, reports, and system stats keep you constantly updated on the status of your SwiftStack cluster.

The SwiftStack cluster consists of software proxy services, runtime agents, and OpenStack Swift object storage.  SwiftStack seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructures, running on standard hardware, and replicated across globally distributed data centers. SwiftStack makes it simple to integrate, scale, manage, and unify storage at massive scale.

Interested in learning how Silicon Mechanics can help you make the most of your SwiftStack deployment?