A Large Selection of Spare Parts and Accessories

Spares Kits from Silicon Mechanics

Your organization can’t afford to have an out-of-date server or storage system any more than you can afford to have your system out-of-commission while waiting for spare parts to arrive.
  • At Silicon Mechanics, we have a wide variety of spare kits and accessory kits for your servers, racks and workstations, including spare cables, spare hard drives, server parts, server accessories, and workstation accessories, among others.
  • Whether you want to shop by platform, by type, or by form factor, we have the spare kits and accessory kits you need. Spares kits for discontinued products will be offered while a supply of parts remains available. If you have questions about spare parts that could be used to replace parts no longer available, please contact your sales representative.
Click below to shop our bundled spares kits, or contact us for input on building a custom kit to suit your needs.
Spares Kits

Due to limited availability, we carry a limited selection of parts for discontinued products. Please contact your sales representative if you have questions about spares kits.


Your deployment will go smoothly with the wide range of professional services and resources available from Silicon Mechanics. From rack integration to remote or onsite support from our highly skilled engineers, we'll get you up and running fast.

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