Silicon Mechanics builds every server to exacting specifications and engineering requirements. You get the same high-quality build, whether using our established product lines or a custom solution.

But that's only part of our story. It's how we build that makes a difference. For example:

We utilize a dynamic as-built process to ensure that each system is built to the same standard every time it is ordered. This process is based on best practices and our years of real-world experience.

Every order is assembled by a highly trained technician, extensively tested by our quality assurance team, and configured by an experienced engineer. No system leaves our production facility until it is built to our high standards, subjected to a rigorous stress test, hand inspected, and engineer approved.
You can have your system configured to support the needs of your data center—including power balancing, cooling, layout, and aligning BIOS, firmware, and other driver settings to match your existing deployment. Our account managers are actively involved in production tracking. Your account manager will be your personal representative at every step along the way, from quote through delivery and beyond.

Are you expanding? Building a new system from scratch? Do you need to have a new system shipped to a remote data center, but lack the time and manpower? From bare metal to a complete turnkey solution, Silicon Mechanics can save you time and money.

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