Cluster Partner

Advanced Cluster Management Made Easy
Bright Cluster Manager® removes the complexity from the installation, management and use of clusters, without compromising performance or capability. Bright allows you to manage multiple clusters simultaneously, including HPC, Hadoop, storage, database, private cloud and workstation clusters - on-premise or in the cloud.

A Unified Approach
Bright Cluster Manager was developed from the ground up as a totally integrated and unified cluster management solution. This fundamental approach provides comprehensive cluster management that is easy to use and functionality-rich, yet has minimal impact on system performance. It has a single, light-weight daemon, a central database for all monitoring and configuration data, and a single CLI and GUI for all cluster management functionality. Bright Cluster Manager is extremely easy to use, scalable, secure and reliable. You can monitor and manage all aspects of your clusters, on-premise or in the cloud, with virtually no learning curve.

Bright's approach is in sharp contrast with other cluster management offerings, all of which take a 'toolkit' approach. These toolkits combine a Linux distribution with many third party tools for provisioning, monitoring, alerting, etc.

This approach has critical limitations: these separate tools were not designed to work together; were often not designed for HPC, nor designed to scale. Furthermore, each of the tools has its own interface (mostly command-line based), and each has its own daemon(s) and database(s).

Countless hours of scripting and testing by highly skilled people are required to get the tools to work for a specific cluster, and much of it goes undocumented. Time is wasted, and the cluster is at risk if staff changes occur, losing the 'in-head' knowledge of the custom scripts.

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