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What is StackIQ Enterprise HPC?

StackIQ Enterprise HPC provides a complete, enterprise-grade HPC software solution on a single DVD. It is an integrated solution built on the most mature and widely used stack in high performance computing. With StackIQ Enterprise HPC, you will achieve reliable cluster operations for repeatable results.

StackIQ Enterprise HPC lets you select from a wide range of software modules (Rolls) to create the right software stack for your application. Our custom Rolls are designed to let you get the most from your physical or virtual hardware, every time. Once you have selected the software stack you need, the StackIQ Avalanche installer brings up every node in exactly the state you need - ready to go.

The engineering and testing effort we put into our products frees administrators from the do-it-yourself, on-the-fly approach some vendors offer, replacing it with a predictable, step-by-step approach to a working solution. StackIQ's product line provides all the capabilities you need to deploy a cluster for high-performance computing, cloud computing, or big data. Features include a streamlined Graphical User Interface, the powerful Rocks command-line, cluster virtualization, and the latest OS and application software distributions.

With StackIQ Enterprise HPC you can build customized software stacks by choosing which Rolls to include in your design. In addition to the operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), you can select which cluster middleware, tightly integrated compilers, applications, and communication libraries to include.

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