Silicon Mechanics Supplies zStax Unified Storage Appliance to eMed Consulting Group for Medical Data Hosting

Cost-effective system provides enterprise features at mid-tier prices

Silicon Mechanics, Inc. announces that it has supplied its zStax ZFS unified storage appliance, based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, to eMed Consulting Group, a Louisville, Kentucky-based firm that hosts data for medical practices that have implemented electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

The unified storage appliance, called zStax StorCore 104, uses a software-defined storage model that costs a fraction of legacy storage. Tiered storage features high-performance and archive tiers running on the same platform.

The zStax StorCore 104 is built on industry-standard hardware. Powered by NexentaStor™, an enterprise-level software-defined storage platform based on open-source ZFS technology, it offers a fully featured NAS/SAN storage solution that provides enterprise storage features at mid-tier prices. In addition, unlike legacy storage systems, zStax users can move data and replicate it for disaster recovery at no additional cost.

According to the eMed Consulting Group's CEO Dave Vrona, the zStax StorCore 104 helps eMed fulfill its mission of removing the complexity for doctors adopting EMRs and ensuring data security. "We were looking for cost-effective storage that would support resilient information and multiple servers, and supported virtualized environments so there could be shared storage," says Vrona. "Silicon Mechanics delivered the solution as a bundle and also provides an extremely high level of support during any emergencies."

Tommy Scherer, product engineer for Silicon Mechanics, explains that leveraging the software-defined storage architecture allows eMed to grow its storage system from a simple read-optimized hybrid storage platform to an enterprise-level, highly available appliance, optimized for reads and writes. "As their business needs grow, this architecture will allow them to scale performance and capacity dynamically."

According to Bev Crair, general manager of Intel's storage division, the use of Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel NICs, combined with Intel's AES-NI technology, gives the appliance the performance, stability, and flexibility needed for a software-defined storage system. "The zStax StorCore 104, combined with NexentaStor™ and Intel's technology, provides an innovative, open, and efficient way to store, manage, help secure, and retrieve data as important as medical records."

The zStax StorCore 104 provides storage for database, virtual machines (VMs), and backup functions with a single scalable storage appliance. The StorCore 104 features two Intel® Xeon® head nodes, as well as a 4U disk shelf with wear-resistant SAS SSDs to accelerate performance, 15K RPM hard drives to provide storage for database and VMs, and nearline SAS hard drives for backup. Another key feature, snapshot-based replication, provides asynchronous, bi-directional replication between the company's established location and storage at its new sites across the country.

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