A Word from our CEO

2013 is off to an exciting start for Silicon Mechanics and our customers!

We are charting new territory by extending our "Expert included" promise beyond hardware to solutions, such as our new zStax StorCore unified storage appliances. I'm pleased to say that with Silicon Mechanics, your days of dealing with pushy legacy storage vendors are gone: today, zStax gives you a solution that truly unifies your storage, offering unparalleled flexibility and the benefits of a truly open system. Our team of Silicon Mechanics storage experts is ready to help you, from selecting the right system for your storage needs to providing expert support as you deploy your solution.

I'm also proud to announce the awarding of our 2nd Annual Research Cluster Grant. For the second consecutive year, we asked research institutions from across North America to tell us how their work and their students would benefit from a Silicon Mechanics high-performance cluster. Tufts University stood out from a flood of remarkable proposals. As you read this, their fully-configured cluster is in transit to their campus outside Boston, MA.

There is so much more to tell! I invite you to read on to learn about our efforts to deliver "Expert included" products and services to you. As always, we'd like to hear your feedback. Let us know what we can do to continue to amaze you.

Thank you for your support!

Eva Cherry
President & CEO

Introducing zStax Storage Solutions

zStax StorCore is a unified storage appliance family, powered by NexentaStor™, a fully featured NAS/SAN software platform which provides enterprise storage features at mid-tier prices. Easily deployable and intuitively managed, these enterprise storage appliances can be tailored to suit your environment. With Silicon Mechanics experts assisting you at each step, you can eliminate the need for multiple vendors or multiple platforms to satisfy your storage requirements.

Read more about zStax here.

Silicon Mechanics also announces the appointment of Steve Scherer and Tommy Scherer, who will add their years of experience in enterprise storage to Silicon Mechanics' product offerings to continue to provide Expert Included sales and support to our customers.

Read their story here.

2nd Annual Research Cluster Grant Winner Announced

We are pleased to announce that Tufts University of Medford, MA is the winner of a complete high-performance compute cluster. Tufts will use the cluster as a key component of an exciting, multidisciplinary effort to transform the way biological pattern formation is investigated. Their long-term mission is to integrate computer science, molecular biology, and biophysics to understand the processing of patterning information in living systems.

Learn more about the grant here.

Case Studies

We have begun a series of case studies highlighting Silicon Mechanics' key customers and partnerships. Our first two installments feature our collaboration with Global Legal Discovery and Knome, Inc. Check them out:

Unified Storage is Crucial Part of Search and Discovery for the Cloud

What's Needed Under the Hood for Interpreting the Human Genome?

New Products at Silicon Mechanics

We are proud to carry NVIDIA® Tesla® Kepler-based products

NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators are based on Kepler, an ultra-efficient computing technology. Tesla K10, K20, and K20X products are available in our GPU-enabled servers. A few new features of the Kepler-based accelerators are improved SMX (streaming multiprocessor) design, dynamic parallelism, and Hyper-Q.

Read more here, or look over our GPU-based server offerings.

Silicon Mechanics now offering the Intel DC S3700 Series SSD

The Intel DC S3700 Series SSDs are the first in Intel's new Data Center line of SSDs. Built for endurance, these drives are perfect for highly random workloads such as database and virtualization workloads. Here are some exciting features of these SSDs:
  • Enhanced reliability specification means the DC S3700 Series SSD is capable of 10 full drive writes per day, and rated at 2 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF).

  • Intel's newest NAND controller brings a 6Gb/s SATA interface, allowing for up to 475 MB/s of sequential throughput, and up to 72,000 random access IOPS.

  • The 2.5-inch Intel DC S3700 Series SSDs come in 100, 200, 400, and 800GB capacities, and are available in most Silicon Mechanics products.
Click here for more information.

Experts on the Move

Let us introduce you to our newest experts!

Susan Lewis Joins Silicon Mechanics as Director of Product Management

Kelly Colucci Joins Silicon Mechanics as Technical Support Manager


Silicon Mechanics looks forward to seeing you as we exhibit our solutions at the following trade shows and events:
  • Bio-IT World - April 9-11 / World Trade Center, Boston, MA
  • OSCON - July 22-26 / Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR
  • SC13 - November 17-22 / Colorado Convention Center, Denver CO

Please check out our events page for upcoming events.

Contact Silicon Mechanics

For additional information on the new zStax StorCore unified storage products, visit our zStax Storage Solutions page. For more about our server products, visit our Products page, email your Silicon Mechanics Sales Representative at sales@siliconmechanics.com, or call us at 866-352-1173.