Storage Solutions

We understand the challenges when evaluating your options to effectively store, protect and manage valuable data either on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Our “Expert included.” approach is designed to provide you confidence that whether your IT infrastructure is looking for performance-optimized flash technologies, or ultra-dense storage enclosures, to software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, we are here to help you design the solution that fits your organizational needs.

Data-Aware, Scale-Out NAS Storage

Qumulo Core, the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, helps CIOs and storage administrators store, manage and curate enormous numbers of digital assets. Qumulo Core is a flash-first hybrid appliance that is optimized for the widest range of workloads and file sizes and is 100% programmable through an interactive REST API.

Unified SAN/NAS Software-Defined Storage

QuantaStor is a unified SAN/NAS Software-Defined Storage platform (iSCSI/FC/NFS/CIFS/Gluster/Hadoop) designed from the ground up to scale-out and make storage management easy. Built on top of Linux Ubuntu, QuantaStor installs on all commodity 64bit servers, converting bare-metal hardware into full-featured enterprise storage appliances that perform a wide range of storage management tasks with minimum effort and maximum versatility and reliability.

Simple, Scalable and Flexible Object Storage

SwiftStack provides software to help people easily create large scale object storage infrastructure in their own data center. With OpenStack Swift at the core, SwiftStack provides an enterprise-grade object storage system that runs on industry-standard x86 hardware. Enabling more flexibility, lower cost and ability to distribute data over multiple data centers, SwiftStack deliveries a purpose-built object storage solution, based on an open-source core.

Universal and Scalable Enterprise-Class Storage Software for Every Business

Open-E, Inc. is a leading developer of of IP-based storage management software. Open-E® DSS V7 is designed for building and managing centralized data storage servers. The unified file and block-level operating system offers NAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel functionality in a single application. The software includes high-end features such as Active-Active Failover for iSCSI Volumes, Remote Replication for disaster recovery or scheduled Snapshots for data protection.

High Performance Scale-Out Storage

The ClusterStor™ family architecture is built on 25 years of Seagate enterprise-class storage design and Lustre®, an open source high performance parallel file system typically used for scale-out computing. Combining superior performance with ultra-efficient scalability, the ClusterStor family includes ClusterStor 9000, ClusterStor 6000, ClusterStor 1500, ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance and Hadoop Workflow Accelerator.

Open Source-Driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS)

Nexenta’s core storage platform, NexentaStor™, is a software-only storage operating system and a storage-optimized file system based on OpenSolaris / OpenStorage ZFS technology. With this unique combination, NexentaStor provides unparalleled capabilities in managing multi-vendor environments, enables efficiencies in storage administration and management, along with core storage capabilities for content management and compliance.