Silicon Mechanics Announces Appointment of Steve Scherer and Tommy Scherer

Experts in high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage

Silicon Mechanics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing hardware, announces the appointment of Steve Scherer and Tommy Scherer, who will expand Silicon Mechanics' storage product offerings to include a unified storage appliance powered by NexentaStor, the leading OpenStorage enterprise-class storage solution that runs on industry-standard hardware.

With the addition of these two new employees, Silicon Mechanics will become a certified reseller of NexentaStor, which provides enterprise storage features at mid-tier prices. The fully featured NAS/SAN software platform has capabilities that meet and exceed those of legacy storage systems, saving customers 70 to 80 percent in cost, compared to expensive, vertically integrated, proprietary storage technologies.

Steve Scherer is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience at HP and other Fortune 100 companies. He joins Silicon Mechanics from Nordisk Systems, Inc., a Portland, OR-based IBM business partner specializing in servers, storage, and application needs. He was instrumental in developing a robust storage distributorship focused on NexentaStor. Tommy Scherer is recognized as one of the most experienced and capable engineers in the area of storage solution design and implementation.

"We are excited to add both Steve Scherer and Tommy Scherer to the Silicon Mechanics team," said David Manning, director of marketing and business development. "Their years of experience in high-end mission-critical enterprise storage solutions will help Silicon Mechanics provide a complete vertical solution that meets the growing need for reliable lower cost storage alternatives."