Silicon Mechanics Announces Collaboration with Flow Science and Unveils Turnkey Cluster for Flow-3D/MP Software

Increased simulation speed to be demonstrated at FLOW-3D World Users Conference

Silicon Mechanics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing clusters, announces its new collaboration with Flow Science Inc., to deliver a turnkey cluster solution optimized for running FLOW-3D/MP, the distributed-memory version of Flow Science's flagship computational fluid dynamics software, FLOW-3D. With FLOW-3D/MP, simulations that previously took a week to complete can now be solved in hours, minimizing the design cycle and getting better products to market, faster. As part of the new collaboration, Silicon Mechanics is showcasing the high-performance turnkey cluster solution at the FLOW-3D World Users Conference, which will be held September 13–14, 2012 at the Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA. Silicon Mechanics, a joint Gold sponsor with Intel® at the conference, will be demonstrating the software on the cluster, highlighting its speed, showing benchmarks, and answering questions.

This new offering from Flow Science, Silicon Mechanics, and Intel provides FLOW-3D users a turnkey cluster for running FLOW-3D/MP on the most advanced technology from Intel; pre-installed FLOW-3D/MP; an exclusive on-line configurator; and Integrated Intel Cluster Ready registered software and certified hardware. To make the turnkey cluster option even more desirable, it comes with excellent warranty offerings and is backed by Silicon Mechanics' "Expert Included" promise, ensuring users of access to service experts dedicated to excellence.

"By taking the guesswork out of which hardware our customers need, giving them optimized hardware components, and pre-installing FLOW-3D/MP, our customers can hit the ground running," said David Souders, Flow Science's VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.

High-performance clusters offer significant performance gains over typical desktop computers but can be quite complex to configure, with a bewildering array of operating system, middleware, interconnect, memory, and storage options. The turnkey cluster solution developed for FLOW-3D/MP is an Intel® Cluster Ready-registered application and has been validated on Intel® Xeon® processor Product Family hardware, thereby ensuring that users enjoy the same solutions they've come to expect from workstations. Users are guaranteed that the hardware and software will work correctly together.

A new level of computing power previously available only to research labs and large corporations is now accessible to companies with smaller budgets. And it comes with the ease of use expected from common engineering workstations. The turnkey cluster is ideal for those who are seeking to improve the performance time of existing simulations, but may lack IT support for the type of high-performance computing clusters needed to run complex simulations.