FLOW-3D®/MP Cluster Configurator

Product Hyperform HPCi for FLOW-3D®/MP

Solutions Partner

Flow Science, Inc.

Silicon Mechanics and Flow Science have partnered together to deliver fast and affordable turnkey clusters optimized for FLOW-3D®/MP. These clusters take advantage of the newest generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 Series Processors, are based on Intel Cluster Ready certified architecture, and are designed to deliver dramatic increases in performance in FLOW-3D®/MP computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model analysis.

Reduce system complexity with Intel® Cluster Ready

The Intel Cluster Ready program can dramatically reduce purchasing complexity, accelerate your deployment timeline, and simplify management throughout the life of your HPC cluster. Intel works with system and software vendors to provide you with certified systems and registered applications that are thoroughly tested to ensure interoperability. You can be confident that your cluster will work with a great out-of-box experience.

Flow Science by Silicon Mechanics

Accelerate productivity with FLOW-3D®/MP. Pre-configured ICR-certified cluster with Bright Cluster Manager, optimized for use of FLOW-3D®/MP by Flow Science.

Silicon Mechanics Announces Collaboration with Flow Science and Unveils Turnkey Cluster for Flow-3D/MP Software

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