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Silicon Mechanics Newsletter - August 2011

New Products

Serious Compute Power

Introducing the Rackform iServ R485, an enterprise-level server solution for when processing power is paramount. The R485 is a 5U server equipped with 8 Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8800 Series CPUs, and up to 4 GPUs. It offers 64 DDR3 DIMMs, 16 hot-swap SAS / SATA 2.5" drives, and 6 PCIe 2.0 slots. A spares kit is also available for the R485. Questions? Contact your Silicon Mechanics sales representative.

New Twins: High Density and Energy Efficiency

We've expanded our line of high-density, energy-efficient, cost-effective twins. These servers to extremely versatile, so if you are considering a multi-node platform for your environment, do have a look at these:

Reminder: New Servers with the Intel Xeon Processor E7

We have introduced two new quad-socket servers featuring the Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family. Both of these servers feature the new Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, with up to 10 cores, 20 threads, and 30MB of shared cache. These CPUs offer a host of other features that optimize performance and security. The new products are: For more information, download the Silicon Mechanics Guide to the Intel Xeon Processor E7 Series.

Reminder: Updates to iSCSI / NAS Storage Appliances

We have two thoroughly upgraded iSCSI storage appliances available now. These storage solutions are based on the Intel Xeon Processor E5620, and offer an integrated SAS / SATA hardware RAID controller, 6Gb/s SAS backplanes, and efficient, redundant power supplies.
  • Storform iS713
    2U iSCSI / NAS storage with 12 hot-swap SAS / SATA drives
  • Storform iS715
    4U iSCSI / NAS storage with 24 hot-swap SAS / SATA drives

Newest Content

Silicon Mechanics Guide to >2TB Hard Drive Compatibility

We have just published a brief guide to help you determine whether your systems are compatible with a hard drive >2TB for data and/or for booting. Page one contains a decision tree that you may find helpful, and page two offers a list of the various products, operating systems, and controllers available on the Silicon Mechanics website that are >2TB-compatible. The same information is available in the "i" button next to your hard drive choices in our configurators. As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact your Silicon Mechanics Sales Expert at 1-866-352-1173.

Two Videos: Cool Stuff from Hawaii to Massachusetts

Wave Vidmar's Ocean Row Solo North Atlantic Challenge 2011 (Video, 4:43)
Silicon Mechanics and Intel are proud to join together as Presenting Sponsors for Wave Vidmar and the Ocean Row Solo North Atlantic Challenge 2011. We have worked together to provide a custom, high-performance workstation that will be serving mission control functions throughout the expedition.

Wave Vidmar will attempt to row across the North Atlantic Ocean, from Cape Cod to the Scilly Islands off England, in his custom, high-tech, hand-made 24-foot ocean row boat. The north Atlantic West-to-East crossing is considered one of the most challenging of ocean rows. To visit Wave Vidmar's Ocean Row Solo website, visit Stay tuned for updates!

New Silicon Mechanics Time Lapse Video (Video, 1:00)
We recently completed the installation of a cluster and high-definition video wall at the University of Hawaii. See the installation in time lapse video, and learn a little bit about the system's various elements in this one minute video.

Videos from LSI

Events and Activities

Getting Down to Work with Boston University

The annual Student Cluster Competition at SC11 this year will have a new entrant. Silicon Mechanics is working with students from the Physics Department at Boston University to compete for honor, glory, and bragging rights. Using current-generation cluster hardware, they will be building a small cluster of their own design, and racing to demonstrate the greatest sustained performance across a series of applications.

Silicon Mechanics would like to say a huge thank you to our vendor partners who have contributed hardware to this effort:
If you're going to be at SC11, be sure to stop by the Student Cluster Competition area and cheer on Boston University!

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