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Silicon Mechanics Newsletter - July 30, 2009

Storage Products with the Intel® Xeon® 5500

Silicon Mechanics has three new storage server products built on the new Intel Xeon 5500 processor platform. Your favorite "bare metal" storage (without storage management software) like the Storform iServ R503, R505, and R506, have been upgraded to take advantage of the new processor's performance and energy efficiency improvements. Check out these versatile, high-capacity storage options today!


Twin servers continue to be one of the most popular form factors in the Silicon Mechanics product line. Our new 2U 4-Node systems offer four complete, independent compute nodes in just 2U of rack space. The same compute density that made 1U twin servers so appealing is now available with redundant power supplies and three hot-swap SATA drives per node. These features, in combination with the new Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series CPUs, can help you realize serious density, performance, and energy-efficiency gains.

Hyperform HPC Cluster Powered by Platform Computing

Silicon Mechanics has again expanded the cluster product line! Now available: Hyperform cluster hardware with your choice of either Platform Cluster Manager or Platform HPC Workgroup Manager. Platform Computing offers a complete, certified solution that includes all the tools required to quickly deploy, run, and manage HPC clusters with unprecedented ease. A Silicon Mechanics cluster powered by Platform Cluster Manager is built for optimal performance and availability, while offering management, support, and update benefits that are simply not possible with less advanced cluster management solutions. Use our online cluster configurator to create your Hyperform HPCi Cluster with Platform Cluster Manager or Platform HPC Workgroup Manager today!

Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor

The new Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor (codenamed "Istanbul") is now available from Silicon Mechanics. The most popular features in recent releases of the Opteron are now joined by HT Assist. HT Assist can improve performance in multi-node systems, and speed up queries in cache-sensitive applications. Six-Core Opteron processors are available in all of our Rackform nServ 2P and 4P systems. For more information about what this latest technology could mean for you, download the Silicon Mechanics Guide to the Six-Core AMD Opteron Processor.

Hyperform HPCg R3401: NVIDIA Tesla GPU Technology in a Cluster

The performance, affordability, and energy efficiency of NVIDIA Tesla GPU technology has the power to redefine high-performance computing. Silicon Mechanics is proud to be an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider, and with the launch of the Silicon Mechanics Hyperform HPCg R3401 Tesla-based cluster, you have access to a complete range of GPU computing products featuring NVIDIA Tesla GPU technology, from workstation to server to pre-configured cluster.

How to Protect Your Expanded Warranty

The Silicon Mechanics Technical Support Experts regularly receive rave reviews from customers: 96% of respondents rate their performance at an 8 or above on a scale of 10. There are some things, however, that even these outstanding support professionals can't do: they can't make spare parts appear on command in your data center. If you have purchased an Expanded Warranty for your servers, you need to know that on-site service levels require that necessary spare parts be on site before a service technician can be dispatched.

If you are counting on either 4-Hour Same Day or Next Business Day response, you need to have spare parts on hand. Although Silicon Mechanics will make every effort to obtain parts and ship them to you within one business day, our ability to do that depends on parts availability, and delays can occur. Spares kits for our servers are readily available, so protect your investment in an Expanded Warranty and have spares on site.

Silicon Mechanics: Simulia Webinar and Video

On April 2 Silicon Mechanics and Simulia presented the webinar "Accelerate Simulation Productivity with Abaqus FEA on Personal Clusters by Silicon Mechanics". For anyone who would like to examine the idea of moving from a workstation to a personal cluster, this webinar is for you! It's available at the Simulia website, and we invite you to call your Silicon Mechanics sales representative with any questions you may have.

Would you like to test drive the Hyperform HPCi Cluster for SIMULIA? Visit, click on "VIRTUAL TEST DRIVE" at the bottom of the page, and register to run your Abaqus 6.8 workload on the Silicon Mechanics Hyperform ICR Cluster. You send Simulia the input and log files from one of your successful Abaqus 6.8 simulation analyses, and they will run the performance tests and send you the results. See what moving onto a personal cluster can do to improve your performance and productivity!

To acquaint yourself with the idea behind the Silicon Mechanics ICR for Simulia cluster product, have a look at our "Silicon Mechanics and ICR for Simulia" video. (Video, 2:35)

Next Trade Show

We would like to invite you to join us at SC09. This year it will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Find us November 16 - 19 in Booth 707—and don't forget to pick up your t-shirt!

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