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Silicon Mechanics Newsletter - October 23, 2008
In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to find ways to make a little go a long way. Silicon Mechanics will help you do exactly that.

Make a little MONEY go a long way.
Silicon Mechanics has an extensive line of rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing solutions; one of the reasons our customers love us is because we offer a comprehensive product selection at truly competitive prices.

Make a little TIME go a long way.
Chances are that you need to make fewer IT resources stretch further. Put our expert Sales Engineers to work for you to create the custom-fit solution that will work the way you need it to. Because Silicon Mechanics is committed to an "Expert Included" approach, you will not incur any additional expense if you access these services.

Make a little SPACE go a long way.
The more space your servers require in a server room, data center, or co-location facility, the more it costs you, which is why increasing server density can help you save. Silicon Mechanics servers can make the space you have work harder for you, because we offer solutions that increase server density. From blade servers to twin servers to compact rackmount servers, we'll make the space you have work harder for you.

Make a little ENERGY go a long way.
Because we offer energy-saving configuration options, a server from Silicon Mechanics can help you cut energy costs. From low-power processors to high-efficiency power supplies, Silicon Mechanics can help you make a smaller power bill fuel more computing capacity.

Make the most of a DISCOUNT opportunity.
Between now and December 31, 2008, you will receive a 5% discount off of list price on your order. This offer is limited to one discount per customer, and may not be used in conjunction with other discounts for which you may qualify. Contact your Sales Representative for details.

Whether you need an Expedited PreBuilt solution delivered tomorrow or a custom-configured system tailored to your specifications, Silicon Mechanics will help you make a little go a long way. Create a quote at, email your questions to, or call us toll-free at 866-352-1173 to find out what "Expert Included" can mean for you.

Hyperform ROCKS+ Integrated Cluster

Meet the Hyperform ROCKS+ Integrated cluster by Silicon Mechanics, our new turnkey cluster certified by Clustercorp Inc. It features a Rackform iServ R266 head node, and iServ R2020 and R2020-IB compute nodes, with the latest dual-core or quad-core Intel® Xeon® processor technology. It's sized to meet workgroup level needs, and scalable to meet department- and enterprise-level demands. The starting configuration price is below $30,000, making it the current cluster configuration of choice.

Twin Servers: A Category By Themselves

Twin servers are increasingly popular, and since the list of benefits they offer puts them in a category by themselves, that's what we did. We gave 1U Twin Servers a category of their own. We have assembled a group of nine twin servers, including seven new twin server products, that offers a range of benefits designed to meet your high-performance computing needs. If you are looking for server density, performance per watt, or high processor and memory counts, visit the 1U Twin Server category and configure the solution for your environment.

Storage Servers and JBODs Expand Storage Lineup

The Storform iServ R503 has joined the Storform iServ R505 in the expanding line of Silicon Mechanics storage servers. Both systems feature two quad-core or dual-core Intel Xeon processors with up to 1600 MHz system bus and fully buffered memory, 6 low-profile PCI expansion slots, and redundant power supplies. The R503 has 12 hot-swap SAS / SATA drive bays, and the R505 offers 24, giving customers a wide range of build-to-fit capacity options. These storage server offerings are further backed up by the availability of two JBODs, the Storform D53J, a 2U with 12 SAS or SATA hard drives, and the Storform D55J, a 4U offering 24 SAS or SATA drives.

New Quad-Socket Offering

We are proud to introduce the Rackform nServ A421. The A421 is an enterprise-level server solution well suited to demanding, mission-critical deployments. It's a 2U equipped with four Quad-Core or Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processors, up to 128 GB DDR2 memory, 6 hot-swap SAS / SATA drives, integrated SAS controller, 4 PCI expansion slots, and redundant power supply with 88% maximum efficiency. This server makes an excellent choice for virtualization. Spares kits are also available for the A421.

Rackform nServ A412 Launched

The Rackform nServ A412 is our new 1U Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor-based server. It supports 3 hot-swap SATA drives, up to 128 GB of DDR2 memory, a dual-port integrated Gigabit Ethernet adapter, a PCIe x16 expansion slot, DVD drive, and floppy drive. With four 8000 Series processors and high-speed memory access, this 1U is the platform of choice for those seeking maximum processor density.

Rackform Expedited Pre-Built Servers

In stock today. Install tomorrow.

Do you need a server, and need it delivered tomorrow? Rackform Expedited PreBuilt servers are ready to ship to you today. These servers are pre-configured, pre-built, boxed, and ready to ship right now. If you're looking for a database server, consider the R267-PB or the R258-PB. Need a web server? Try the R258-PB or the R142-PB. For a firewall, check out the R108-PB, and for a general purpose server, the R254-PB. If you submit your order by noon Pacific Time, we will ship your server for delivery the next business day.
Next day delivery of Rackform Expedited PreBuilt servers is subject to product availability and approval of payment terms.

Intel Case Study Highlights Silicon Mechanics

Intel has recently released a case study (PDF) featuring Silicon Mechanics. The piece focuses on the company's participation in the Intel Cluster Ready program, and outlines the benefits to customers of the ICR specification and certification; principally a simpler way to buy, deploy, and manage high-performance computing clusters. The case study goes on to examine the Proof Point process, which was documented on video, and demonstrated how a Hyperform ICR cluster was able to load and run six separate HPC software packages in succession.

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