Three good reasons for purchasing a Spares Kit:

  1. Spares Kits increase system availability.

    If a component fails, you can switch it with your spare. Send us the failed part and we'll ship you a replacement.

  2. Spares Kits help ensure that your on-site service works the way you intend it to.

    If you have purchased an expanded warranty with 4-hour same day or next business day on-site service, a technician will be deployed once the problem is diagnosed and the required parts are on site. A Spares Kit is the best way to ensure that a technician can actually be deployed on a 4-hour same day or next business day basis.

  3. Spares Kits can offer an upgrade path.

    The components in a Spares Kit can be used to upgrade your existing server. Simply select from the qualified options for your server model.

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