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Virtualization Recommended Reading

We have compiled articles and other information that may be of interest to you. These links are generally grouped by the following topics:

Introduction to Virtualization

Gartner Says 50 Percent of Data Centers Will Have Insufficient Power and Cooling Capacity by 2008
Gartner Analysts Examine Data Center Power and Cooling Challenges During Gartner's 25th Annual Data Center Conference
November 28 - December 1, 2006

Virtualization - The Most Impactful Solution to Data Center Power Crisis
VMWare White Paper (PDF)
This article is an overview of data center power crisis: escalating performance, density, and electrical costs; virtualization as a solution; case studies; references.

Introduction to Server Virtualization
Tech Republic
This article offers an introduction to server virtualization: what virtualization is and why to use it, when to use virtualization, how to migrate physical servers to virtual servers, and more.

George Ou, Technical Director of TechRepublic
May 22, 2006

Virtualization Enters the SMB World
Virtualization is the latest buzzword steamrolling across the IT landscape, influencing every computer room in its path. Everyone is doing it, according to analysts. Everybody needs it, say the vendors. But does it really add any value to the small business? As usual the answer varies from company to company.

Author: Drew Robb
February 7, 2008
This article was originally published on Small Business Computing.

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Implementing and Managing Virtualized Environments

Getting Real about Virtual Management: Managing Complex Infrastructures
The rapidly growing use of virtualization and clustering is making IT management increasingly complex. Unlike physically bounded infrastructures, the logical entities in virtualized and clustered environments are not visually apparent. Nevertheless, you need to know what resources you have and if you are using those resources to their fullest capacity. (Free registration required.)

Pam Snaith
Product Marketing Manager, CA Enterprise Systems Management Business Unit
January 1, 2007

Making the Most of Virtualization
Management of a virtual environment presents unique challenges; many organizations do not thoroughly anticipate the differences in managing a virtual environment from a purely physical environment. Many of your existing management tools may, in fact, only be able to manage physical machines or may collapse under the sudden load of many more systems. (Free registration required.)

Sponsored by CA
November 1, 2007

VMWare Guide to Virtual Infrastructure Implementation
Rolling out virtualization can introduce many complexities within the IT infrastructure. A range of IT processes and infrastructure designs is commonly affected, and specific knowledge and skills need to be developed during the design, planning, and first phase deployment of virtualization. (Free registration required.)

Sponsored by VMWare, Inc.
April 1, 2007

Starting from Scratch for the Small to Mid-Sized Business
White Paper sponsored by VMWare and Intel
Virtualization benefits are now evident across the business and IT spectrum. In a recent survey, nearly two thirds of IT organizations said they plan to implement server virtualization. Learn more about the achievable benefits virtualization can provide businesses in the midmarket. (Free registration required.)

Ben Matheson, Director, Global Campaigns and Alliance Marketing, VMware
Jake Smith, Advanced Server Technologies Manager, Intel
Paul Gillin, Principal, Paul Gillin Communications
January 1, 2008

How Server Virtualization Tools Can Balance Data Center Loads

CIO magazine
Virtualized servers create power and hardware savings, but also come with management headaches. A growing set of tools can help.

Katherine Walsh
June 15, 2007

The Green Movement - Coming to a Data Center Near You
Virtual Strategy Magazine
The public's (and IT's) consciousness has awakened to the need for environmental action. New virtualization technology can enhance your green efforts, but management of these technologies is essential for real success.

Joe Wagner
May 22, 2007

Virtualization: Big Picture
Business Trends Quarterly (
Business reasons to consider the implementation of virtualization. Examination of virtualization options. Overview of opportunities and possible pitfalls of moving to and managing a virtualized environment.

Q1, 2007

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Product-Specific Virtualization Information

Comparing Multi-Core Procs for Server Virtualization (PDF)
Intel IT tested servers based on select Intel multi-core processors to analyze the potential role of each in our data center server virtualization strategy.
August 2007

VMware Technical Resources Library
VMware has made an extensive library of technical white papers and articles available for download. This library is filterable by Product (VMware Infrastructure 3, ESX Server, etc.), Area (Networking, Performance, etc.), and Publisher.

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YouTube - What is Server Virtualization

An InfoClipz provided by Server Virtualization explained in 3 minutes or less.
March 15, 2007

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