Custom Designed Virtualization Platform – Powered By Silicon Mechanics

PSBJSilicon Mechanics, a leading provider of servers, storage and high-performance computing solutions to the world's most innovative organizations, has partnered with Awnix, Inc. to provide custom manufacturing capabilities of technology hardware to Awnix for their Engineered Systems for OpenStack with Software Defined Networking (SDN). These systems are delivered complete--built from the ground up to transcend customer's objectives for cybersecurity, reliability, cost-efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

This partnership brings together the expertise of two companies that value the importance of quality built and designed solutions that are geared for specific customer environments. Utilizing Silicon Mechanics’ quality build process, and extensive custom hardware testing, Awnix is in a position to deliver solutions that provide their customers the flexibility to grow and scale. Additionally, the combination of Silicon Mechanic's support, coupled with Awnix's support and optional management services, provides customers with the confidence that the Engineered System is fully supported throughout its life-cycle, from build to retirement.

“We are excited to join Silicon Mechanics as our hardware partner integrator,” said Rick Kundiger, CEO Awnix Inc. “Having the peace of mind that our customers will receive our Engineered System for OpenStack with SDN that have been designed specifically for them and are built to the highest standards, is exactly what we were looking for.”

“This relationship with Awnix is where Silicon Mechanics excels. As a leading system integrator, we can take our hardware expertise and strict build standards to define the right hardware solution for a partner like Awnix, and then deliver it for them, flawlessly” says David McCauley, VP of Sales & Support, Silicon Mechanics. “We are looking forward to supporting their growth and the continual rise of OpenStack and SDN private, public and hybrid clouds.”